Anyways, we’re not going to fuck each other. We’re all good friends. (x)

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Ken RokoFox Hunt 03: Giclee Fine Art Print 13X19
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Ken Roko
Fox Hunt 03: Giclee Fine Art Print 13X19

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Clint Barton doesn’t show up 15 minutes late with Starbucks. Clint Barton shows up an hour late with cheap pizza, a broken nose, and a stray dog.

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Beacon Hills houses

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Avengers Business Cards - Just because

where would hulk keep business cards

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Supernatural: what the fuck

Merlin: why the fuck

Sherlock: how the fuck

Doctor Who: when the fuck

Hunger Games: where the fuck

Harry Potter: who the fuck

Avengers: loki no

Teen Wolf: will they fuck

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Dr. Hannibal Lecter requests the pleasure of my company for dinner.

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I get to look at this beautiful view most mornings.

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derek stop being weird. repost from the great accidental blog deletion of 2014.

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